Vice Bune

He was an admiral and a diplomat, born on Lopud in 1559. As a splendid seaman, early he got a post in the Spanish king service. He performed many consular and diplomatic affairs for the Dubrovnik Republic at the court of Naples (He became a consul in 1607), Madrid, Milan. He initiated the Spanish Court in 1606 to force Venice to leave island Lastovo which was captured from Dubrovnik in 1602. He received a golden medal as a gratitude from The Republic for his beneficences. He was a master of a part of the Spanish ocean flotilla, an emissary of Phillip II and III in India and Belgium. As a high state official of Spain he became the King’s advisor and the advisor of vice-kings of Naples and Mexico. He was the Knight of Christ’s order. He died at Naples in 1612 at the age of 53 and was buried in the church of the Holy Trinity at Lopud where a memorial tablet is placed according to his testament made in Naples in 1612.

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