Kristo Martolosić

In the XVI. century Lopud was one of the prominent maritime centers of state of Dubrovnik.
Lopud sailors were known as a skillful and fearless sailors which were distinguished in seamanship not only on their dubrovnik ships, but also on foreign trade ships and war ships.
One of the important naval figures from Lopud is surely Kristo Martolosić. He belongs to an old naval family from the island of Lopud which disposed with a few of their own sailboats. Kristo Martolosić gained naval training on a proven, classic way: traditional sailors' practice on commercial sailing ships.

 Captain Kristo Martolosic leaves his homeland and enters into the Spanish naval service as a fully trained naval expert, so we are not surprised that the Spanish court entrusted him with the command of a Spanish galleon. Kristo Martolosić undertook successful naval war operations on the high seas off the coast of Europe and Africa. He also performed certain tasks in the two expeditions around the islands of Central America. For his service in numerous maritime ventures Spanish court has awarded him with special medals and high rewards. Admiral Kristo Martolosić died in Naples in 1628. and was buried with high honors. In his will he leaves a lot of gold to his hometown of Lopud, which was intended for completion of the bell of church Holy Trinity on Lopud.

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