Ivo Kuljevan

To provide cultural and educational work and to create a modern working conditions in school, in the year of 1921. emigrant from Lopud Ivo Kuljevan with his funds raised a stone school building, with a teacher's flat, a reading room for the social life of the locals, and special area for the post office. Furniture for the reading room and the post office was also purchased. The school also received a large garden, for practical work in agriculture curriculum. In desire to contribute to the development of Lopud and life of the locals, Ivo Kuljevan built a coast and a pier for docking ships and boats, which was named "Coast of Iva Kuljevana."

With his effort and cash donations the way to beach Šunj was built, the church in Šunj was repaired, fish market, butcher shop and a public medical facility was built. All these works were carried out from 1921. to 1924. At the end of his life he left two thousand pounds to help the poor inhabitants of Lopud. Ivo Kuljevan lived in Lopud until the age of 25. Then he went to Port Said, and then to Chielayo, Peru, where he was engaged in processing and trade of alcoholic beverages. He immensely loved his native Lopud and was constantly in touch with his friends in his homeland.

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