A wretched woman from Lopud

An estate-owner from Dubrovnik sent a sickly son to Lopud to recover. He fell in love with a poor girl there. His father, to avert this love, asked the Benedictines from the island Saint Andrija to take care of his son. Regardless of the decision, two lovers gave each other the word to meet in the future. Whenever he was free he would set the fire near the sea and she would swim there. It worked for a few times but the girl’s brothers soon heard about it and decided to set the fire on their boat and to sail to the open sea.

As they did so the girl swam behind them further and further until she got exhausted and drowned. During the night a big storm arose and overturned the boat. Her brothers drowned, too. The girl’s dead body was found at the shores of Saint Andrija and the young man took holy orders and remained at the island forever. According to this legend Saint Andrija was also called Donzella (a young girl).
‘A wretched woman from Lopud’ is a legend very similar to the legend ‘Hero and Leandra’ from Greek mythology.

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