Holy Trinity Church

At the entrance to the harbor is the Gothic-Renaissance church of the Holy Trinity. This church has an unfinished bell tower. If we go inside, we will notice that this chapel had its own choir, five altars and a sacristy. On the left side of the main altar is a bricked sarcophagus where in Latin is written: '' To Vicku Bune Petrovu, Christ's knight, which has with virtue surpassed dignity under two Spanish kings, Philip second and third, who undertook the difficult sailing on both worlds and wanted to gain fame to his name. And so, while he was long amused in India by spreading the faith and defending the faith in Belgium,while in both duties he carried out the task received from his kings, invited by the royal nod to Naples and designated as a royal adviser after many carried efforts, he passed on to another life and by the provisions of his will, he was transferred here at home and here he lies and waits for the sound of a trumpet, to invite him to life. Harmonious family raised this monument. And he was barely 53 years. Died 12th of November year 1612. '' 

Vice Bune wanted to build this church and he determined it to be his final resting place. It is said that he wanted to build a bell tower too, but was prevented by death. This church was around 1640. moved to the jurisdiction of nuns. They built a monastery next to the church and its ruins are still there.
The roof of the church was rebuilt in 1913. but the church doesn't perform mass any more because it is in very poor condition.

Holy Trinity Church

Sarcophagus of Vice Bune

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