Myths,legends and fables

Miho and lizards
After the second loss of his fleet and all profit the miserable Miho Pracat returned to Lopud to spend the rest of his life in modesty. He sat on a wall sad and deep in thoughts seeing no solution. His company was a small female lizard which tried to climb the wall and fell twice. The third time it finally succeeded. Watching its efforts Miho Pracat made an oath to try for the third time. He tried and achieved a splendid sucess, receiving even more fame,reputation and wealth. He was a great benefactor and meritorious citizien of the Dubrovnik Republic, Benemerito Civi.

The serviette of Karl V

In spite of numerous blockades an eminent and wealthy ship owner Miho Pracat succeeded to transport the grain to Spain with his fleet. Upon his arrival the king Karl V who had just had a shave, granted him the audience. When asked what he wished as gratitude for saving the country from hunger, Miho Pracat answered: ʻʻ I am rich and I need no money; I am the King on my vessels and I need no honour; I am the citizen of Dubrovnik Republic and need no title. As Your gratitude you can give me Your serviette used for shaving ʼʼ. The serviette is preserved in the domiciled Museum at Lopud.

Our Lady of Šunj

On the return from a crusade to Jerusalem, Otton Visconti, a nobleman from Milan met with a heavy storm and got saved at the shores of Lopud in the bay of Šunj. In the roaring sea Visconti vowed if saved to build a church at a site honouring ʻOur Ladyʼ. It was at Šunj and the church he built, got the name ʻʻOur Lady of Šunjʼʼ. The authenticity of the story is proved by the coat of arms with a serpent placed in the church. It is supposed that the bay got its name after the serpent from the Viscontiʼs coat of arms, too. The serpent in Italian is called biscia and it gave the name bišun, šunj. There is another legend of the coat of arms and the church, too. The nobleman from Sforza family disembarked at the uninhabitated island. His son was swallowed up to half by a serpent. His father vowed to Our Lady and the serpent threw his body up. Grateful for this act of benefaction his father had the church built at the top of the hill.

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